After working in the banking sector, in multinationals and as entrepreneurs in Paris and London, Audrey Chocron and Cynthia Phitoussi moved to Tel Aviv in 2009. Nicknamed the “Start-up nation” the same year, Israel has attracted a new wave of pioneers: new immigrants from around the world, highly skilled and determined to take part in the Israeli innovation by creating their own business. Faced with this growing demand, Cynthia and Audrey then created in 2010, The Hive by Gvahim, one of the first start-up accelerators in Israel.

After having established privileged links with universities and developed close relations with the biggest funds of the ecosystem, they launched SeedIL Club in 2013. This Business Angels Club creates an exclusive bridge between Israeli startups and private investors around the world. The selection process and their influence in the Israeli ecosystem have enabled Audrey and Cynthia to gather 65 accredited business angels within their club. They have therefore invested in a pool in various business sectors such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, Automotive to develop their Israeli gem by providing their skills and networks. SeedIL investors are fully involved in the various entrepreneurial adventures of the portfolio startups: according to their areas of expertise and connections, they have guided, advised and increased their chances of success significantly.

Cynthia and Audrey recently decided to broaden their scope of action and investment opportunities by creating their seed venture boutique fund. SeedIL Ventures is also a partner of the Technion (Drive) accelerator, which gives them access to Israel’s best deal flow and talents.

Cynthia and Audrey became major actors because they are not like any other investor in Israel: federative and non-intrusive, they guide each of their entrepreneur and ensure the right development of their portfolio’s companies. Being a boutique fund, SeedIL Ventures provides a personalised service to each of its investors by responding to their wishes to take an active part in this innovative ecosystem while maximising their return on investment.

Managing Partner at SeedIL Ventures, also founder and manager of SeedIL Club. Expert in seed funding in Israeli startups.

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